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Hi, I’m Florentina

I am here to help you create a happier, more meaningful life!

You have most likely landed on this page because something doesn’t feel quite right. If you have experienced being stuck in one or more areas of your life, then refreshing the perspectives might be needed .

Please know that you are not the only person who feels this way. I know the feeling because I have been in this place too a few years ago, so do many of my clients.

At that time, in my life, everything looked good at the surface. I was achieving every target I have set my mind to achieve, especially career-wise, I had plenty of friends with whom I was socialising regularly and a long-term marriage, yet a heavy feeling was following me every day. A feeling that something was not quite right.

In my case, I felt compelled to change a lot of my old beliefs after hitting the rock bottom and facing the unpleasant aspects of generalised anxiety, followed by an ugly depression. This happened because I allowed certain beliefs and thoughts to go to such extreme that they could no longer be sustainable. Most of these thoughts were so mixed up and often irrational hence continuing to be relying on them was no longer an option. This was the time when I have decided to start working on reshaping my way of thinking and recognised this as an opportunity to make healthier choices, get to know myself better and build step by step a happier, more meaningful life

You do not need to get to depression so you can start making important changes in life. Prolonged periods of stuckness can, however, lead to depression purely because we are running in circles, the same circles.

If you are questioning yourself in the attempt to figure out when the best time is to start working on improving the quality of your thoughts and emotions the answer is: WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!

There will never be a PERFECT moment, I wanted you to know this.

Successful stories

  • Coaching has changed my life and my thought process, now I know myself better and much more confident in handling real-life situations. This coaching also helped me to regain my self-respect. Florentina provided me with a safe place to be myself, to speak my mind and to discover and explore next steps. I’ve discovered so many things about myself that were unexpected! She’s also helped me to understand that I can be more, that I can fill my life with many different strings to my bow. Thanks
    Kirti Sahoo
    London, United Kingdom
  • Egle Ram

    The explorations within the coaching sessions gave me more insights to understand my fears and blocks that kept me from moving forward to my better self. Inner things are not easy to change, but by working with challenges step by step things have changed for the better. I enjoyed all the sessions we had together. Florentina is very caring, very kind and passionate about what she does. She created a comfortable environment for the conversations and was very supportive all the way through.

     Highly recommend!
    Egle Ram
    London, United Kingdom
  • I am thankful for booking that first session with you. I am deeply appreciative of all the support and compassion and empathy that you have provided each session.  
    Working with Flo, I have been able to work on so many limiting beliefs.
    Flo, is a Personal Development Coach that has been blessed with the gift of knowing how to approach you by the way of asking the right questions.
    She gave me the space for presenting my thoughts and beliefs openly and received them without judgment. She is a great listener-hands down.
    I really enjoyed working with you Flo, as you approach the coaching session with intention of empowering the client.She has helped me identify my top priority each session and we worked on that from there. Flo is truly one of a kind!
    If you feel lost, overwhelmed, confused, down, foggy (like I did), after working with Flo, things will become more clear.
    Each session is like pealing an outer layer of an onion to get to the core.
    In summary, Flo is a coach that will be able to inspire you to keep moving forward. You will be amazed on how each session, your focus and clarity increases.
    Thank you."
    Laila Albalkhi
  • "I have had a few sessions with Florentina and I can highly recommend her. She is very professional, kind and non jugemental which was so important for me as we discussed subjects that were very private and delicate . Very quickly she knew where my blind spot was and since I am aware of it now, everything is changing for me. I am in peace with myself and life in general. I now know how to handle my thoughts and emotions."
    Sylvie Walker
    London,United Kingdom
  • "It was my first time when I was coached by someone and it helped me a lot to build my life again on a better track. When I have approached Florentina was hardest time of my life being stuck and with very little hope. During the coaching sessions she helped me to build my confidence again, remove negative blocks from my mind and changed my perspectives. For me it was a great experience and I recommend others to access coaching if they need . Here is the right place with an experienced and best Personal Development Coach."
    Anuj Sharma

Are you ready to...

  • Explore your Personal Values?
  • Get to know yourself better?
  • Explore your strengths and learn how to utilise them?
  • Move to the next level in different area of your life?
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed, get a better work-life balance?
  • Start saying YES to what is important and NO to things that don't matter to you?
  • Learn to trust yourself and worry less about what others say or think about you?
  • Start enjoying your job and be more engaged in the workplace?
  • Navigate career transition with clarity ?
  • Work with an experienced coach who will support you all the way through this journey?


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